Saturday, October 1, 2011

Through the Looking Glass to Malady Bog

It is bucketing down here in the Land of the Green and proving to be just the sort of day  to diddle about in 2L. With Autumn looming I was of a mind to hit some bright, sun kissed beaches but instead found the leaves already drifting from their branches at Through the Looking Glass.

After much experimentation, I've decided to duke it out with mesh enabled Firestorm.  Imagine my confusion when I came across this strange mesh item at Through the Looking Glass:
And then I realized it wasn't a mesh object at all but a pair of monster gourds.  Yay Autumn O.o.

Meanwhile, the good people of Caledon are getting in the mood for the coming long, dark nights with spooky storytelling at the Falling Anvil.  The ever gracious Miss Turley Hallenbrook has promised to keep me apprised of future storytelling evenings which I will be happy to pass on to all interested.

I finally managed to catch some radiation at Malady Bog.   Pity it was so quiet.

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