Sunday, August 19, 2012

Being the Distraction


What an unexpected set of events.  Returning to 2L this time has been decidedly unusual!

Having a continuing reason to log into 2L has been an ongoing issue for me.  While I am not an Oldie,I have been around long enough to have friends on my list that will never return.  They will never be deleted. Seeing their names never fails to bring about a pang of regret and a wave of nostalgia. Even worse are the friends that are no longer listed. Those days, sadly, are long gone. Small wonder logging in doesn't happen for long periods.

Somehow, this time, something odd has happened.  I have a reason to log in.  I have done something uncharacteristic.  I have lured someone into something possibly quite uncharacteristic.  Who knows what the next log in will bring?  Really, how often do I get to come up with a wholly absurd idea, pitch it, and have it in my inventory 24 hours later? Not often enough.  Now, if I can only continue to produce wholly absurd ideas.

And in another, albeit similar vein, while I waited for a certain highly distractable multitasking Caledonian workaholic to finish an impromptu bespoken item, I toured a few beaches looking for photogenic spots to model my eagerly awaited gift.  I will return to Pacifique again, where water meets whimsy.  Absentia is also worth a look, especially if you are a Windlight Fiddler.


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