Monday, September 3, 2012

Crete: An Evening of Innocence

The evening started out innocently enough.  After a long, trying day of much overdue shopping, I happened to spot some fantastic snaps on the feed.  Jedhu Zong, a photographer I have come to admire, and old friend Cait Tobias were both attending a dance recital in Crete.  What a perfect antidote after a day of tedious  mesh-wrestling!

I arrived and discretely took my seat amongst a number of Egyptian officials.  The crowd was equally as interesting as the performance.
Queen Nefertiti  was to my right, a Royal Architect of Alexanderia in front of me, and a Royal Guard to my left.  While I didn't exactly fit in, at least I didn't stick out, or so I thought until Cait set me straight:

If nothing else, everyone got a good look at my new coat! O.o

After a minor sexual assault perpetuated on the Royal Architect (which seemed to scare away the Guard) I settled in to behave myself and cause no further disruption.

Unfortunately, anyone who knows me well knows I have a negligible attention span.   While watching the show I was also watching the feed for the photos Mr Zong was producing and scratching my head over how he was getting such wonderful shots, especially his closeups.  Vaguely recalling a zoom command I used when trying to fit prim eyelashes, I set about googling for the answer.  While THAT didn't give me the results I wanted, I did read about a technique involving pressing the 'alt' key while sliding the mouse, which would allow you to change camera position radically.

And indeed, it did.  I found myself at the dancer's feet, and frantically swung my camera about to try to catch an action shot.  Sadly, I had forgotten to hold the alt key and had instead radically altered MY position, and found myself lying on my belly, center stage, at the dancer's feet.  He was unimpressed, to say the least.

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