Sunday, September 23, 2012

Textures Loaded

Listening to Fear I Love Living in the City made me a little homesick.
Since I already had my skate out, I thought I might as well go surfing with the Dead Kennedys.  OB may have been pumping, but I was  heading to Marin. Stinson, anyone?  Moon Over Marin

Curley and I are now firmly entrenched in our new place, although I'm not spending as much time there as I thought I would.  All sorts of unexpected things keep popping up to divert my attention.
Then we have the subject of stalkers, obsessions and alts which has figured heavily in both the feeds and in world lately.   While I like giving people a good case of the, "What if's" as much as the next guy (maybe more), I can't help but find it humorous how much people worry about, "being griefed/stalked," or the flip side, trying to find out what others are up to.  You can't really do either, without at least the semi-cooperation of the target.  Litigious Tish wins the booby prize of the week for believing she is being obsessed over. Being snickered at in the feeds following a trending drama laden post is not obsession.  Kinda ironic after Tish not only recently examined Venus's  house, photographed it and posted evidence on the feeds, but also left her chopper embedded in private property.  Another WTF moment for Tish!

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