Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Au Revoir, Oskar Linden

Rumors of Oskar's sudden departure from the Lab began last Friday, with wild stories of computers being repo'd, sudden firing by Skype, and Oskar, one of the most helpful Lindens around being let go for harassing a griefer.  Given that the bulk of this came from Prok, I'm sure a number of people continued to hold out hope that Oskar was merely on his scheduled vacation (how is that for a sucker punch, getting canned on the first day over your holiday?).  When Jessica Lyons weighed in and confirmed she had been given permission from Oskar to confirm his separation from the Lab, things became a bit more worrisome.  When Oskar himself spoke on SLU, it was to convey the shocker that he had been fired for poor communication and mishandling an episode of griefing.

"To solidify all rumors, yes my employment was terminated by Linden Lab last Friday. It was a surprise Skype call with the manager of my department and HR. At the same moment all my accounts were locked and I was told a courier was on the way to my house to take my laptop. This is standard operating procedure at the Lab. The reasons given were quite vague, but at the root of it was complaints from a griefer who I had banned from a private testing sandbox that I managed after he was harassing people and threatening to crash them and the region.

I was also told that there were issues with my communications. I don't understand that because I have operated in the role of public communicator for the lab for three years and have always had stellar reviews. It's not like the reasons really matter anyway. When the Lab wants you gone it's over.

To be quite honest this has all come as a surprise and a shock. I have known for a while that this would happen eventually though. All Lindens fear 'the skype call'. The old Linden culture is long gone. Many Lindens are disappeared in that way when the Lab no longer has use for them. It has been difficult working through the changes at the Lab the past few years. I could have left, perhaps I should have left on my own. I would have been better off. I did not choose to do so because I was dedicated to the wonderful residents I have met during my 4 years working on SL. I was committed to all of you and committed to making Second Life and Linden Lab a better place. I felt I was fighting the good fight and didn't want to just run away. I felt that I was making a difference. I hope that I did.

I have no idea what is next for me. I have varied passions that I will follow until I feel the need to pursue further employment.

I have nothing disparaging to say about Linden Lab, in fact I am not legally allowed to because of the wording of my separation agreement. :-) Linden Lab is cotton candy and kittens, unicorns and rainbows.

I greatly appreciate all of you who friended me and were so passionate about helping me make Second Life a better place. Your enthusiasm to help find bugs greatly helped the quality of the server code. You are all amazing. You are Second Life, not Linden Lab. Never forget that. I love you all and will miss working with you greatly!


WTF?  I would love to hear the other side of the story, but as has already been mentioned, when the Lab wants you gone, it is going to find a way to make that happen, one way or another.

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