Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DRBC-FK! Designs

Stop the presses!  This is as close to a Fashion Blog post as I am likely to get. I indulged myself in a bit of shopping yesterday and not only snagged some great gear, but discovered some cool people putting out some cool product.  Enjoy!

MIASNOW Hair Wild Woman 2
Death Rocker Bettie Crocker Tank Dress (Mesh)

Allusions Depths Hair
DRBC Noir Bone Jumper (Mesh)
FK! Designs Knee High Converse Boots (Red) (Mesh)

Dura Boy 37 Black
DRBC Splattered Heart Tank Dress (Mesh)
FK! Designs Knee High Converse Boots (Red) (Mesh)

 I am going to wear the hell out of these FK! Designs Knee High Converse Boots (Red) (Mesh)

Wasabi Pills Megumi Night Shadow (Mesh)
DRBC Sweater (Mesh)
Peace and Titanium Seafoam Panty with Garters

Tukinowaguma Sinter Ebony
Slink Mesh Feet
Madpea Flashlight
Purple Moon Gator Collar and Necklace in Platinum
FK! Black and White Circus Striped Bloomers (Mesh)
Tyranny Designs The Wild Crow Shirt and Leggings

Death Rocker Betty Crocker-FK! Designs by diZzy PsychoBettie (Delirium Sol)-Frost Kit: Check them out.  All items come with standard sizing and move and fit well.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they come out with next!
(Sin City 82,32,23) and The DARK MUSE (102, 197, 27)

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