Monday, November 19, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Part I

MadPea has outdone themselves with another Legend of the Month Hunt, The Enchanted Frost.  It's no secret I'm not a great hunter, but there are some events worth bumbling through, and this was one of them.  The hunt runs from Nov 16-22 Dec.  For 10L you can pick up your HUD HERE.  The HUD will provide the 15 clues and 15 landmarks you need to complete the hunt.  You can do the locations in whatever order you like.  However, you must complete the hunt, and reach the center of the maze  to claim all of your prizes at once.

This hunt was difficult even for skilled hunters.  Fortunately, you can get plenty of help from the Madpea group plus extra hints from Madpea's Facebook page.  I encourage you in particular to check the FB page which has not only examples of what you are looking for, but also daily photo hints to supplement the storybook hints provided by the HUD.  The orb is TINY!  Make sure to take advantage of the "Highlight Transparency" setting.

Participating Merchants include: Fallen Gods Inc., Trident,The Looking Glass, Vengeful Threads, Les sucreries de Fairy, Machinima Open Studio Project, Boudoir, Roawenwood, An Lema, ~*Star Kindler Designs*~,Whatz, forest feast, Dragon Magick Wares, Quixote's Dream,and Whimsy.

As I got my bearings with a roam around the starting point, Tupol Island it felt as though winter had indeed arrived!  You can ice skate, take a practice run at the maze, or just get organized and hook up with fellow hunters.  It is a well attended event and there are numerous areas to lounge and meet up.

I didn't make quick headway at my first stop, Fallen Gods, Inc, but I did spy on some fellow travelers:

 Midway through the hunt I was making steady progress (mainly with the help of the Facebook photo hints) but then got thoroughly stuck and a bit discouraged:

A little distraction was in order, so I set off exploring the area around the clue LM.  Not only were the prizes going to be wonderful, but the sims were worth exploring on their own merit.

Towards the end of the hunt I ran into a griefer who provided me an impromptu makeover.  Wahoo!
Finally I reached the last stop, which was a bit tricky.  The HUD directs you to your stop, but on arrival you must click the kiosk for an additional LM, which will bring you to the Gypsy Camp.  From there on, finding the orb is fairly straightforward.
After I completed the hunt, every attempt to TP  to the maze with the landmark provided by the HUD crashed me.  Others in the Madpea group were reporting similar problems.  I used the Tupol Island  LM  and walked a short distance to the maze without issue.

Climbing through hail, sleet and snow finally led to success!  That was a tough one, MadPea!
Naturally, I rushed home and threw my boxes and packages everywhere.  Part II will feature the prizes. 

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