Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unhinged Festival: Nov 15-Dec 15

“There is this great person named Eku Zhong. She is funny, talented, kind, and also quite ill. Not ill as in awesome, ill as in sick. Not sick as in super cool (well she is that too) but sick as in very, very ill.

Her struggles started with MS. Then they found thyroid cancer, and through poor treatment it turned into bone cancer.  Over the last seven years, literally countless surgeries, radiation therapies, bone replacements and marrow transplants later, the stress of repeated surgeries has left her skull fragile and yet more surgery is needed.

The area where her zygotic arch meets the temporal bone is severely compromised.
Literally there is a risk that her zygotic arch could lift off the temporal arch and push the temporal bone into her brain. Actions as simple as chewing hard food or yawning the wrong way could cause this.

There is hope. Another surgery could correct this issue, but it requires the purchase of a prosthesis to replace the damaged bone. This is where myself and a group of people who love her dearly come in, and you as well should you choose to help out.”…read more HERE

Eku has some good friends.  The Festival is crammed with awesome Gatcha skull themed goodies, as well as a huge number of theme items that can be purchased outright, from clothes and avatar accessories to housewares to vehicles to full mesh avatars and animations.  Don't be shy; spoil yourself and feel good about doing it for a good cause.
Sakide's Fashion Skull dress comes in two colors complete with two styles of tights and can be bought outright.
V Twins Gatcha prizes:

V Twins has a number of racier outfits but alas I didn't manage to snag any.

Geometry's Rorschach Dress can be bought outright.  If you are a member of the group, you can avail of the Group Discount, but that isn't the point of the fundraiser!

AG Skull Planter Gatcha. Background: Geometry's Eku Tank can be bought outright and comes in both crop and full length.  Shabby Sweet Skulls Gatcha mouth toy Gatcha: Evil Queen.

If you end up with Gatcha doubles, check in at SLU's Unhinged Trade Clearinghouse.   Good Gatcha'ing and Good luck, Eko!

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