Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter has Arrived

With December looming, it seems winter has arrived in full force here in Second Life.  Cry not!  Raise a mug of spiced cider, throw on a parka and get exploring!

Before braving the great outdoors, I called into Loki Eliot's Urchin Wear in New Babbage and grabbed a pair of his wonderful mesh goggles.  The highly detailed Time Rascals are perfect for fending off those brutal arctic winds!

My first stop was at Christmas at the House of Avro.  I found the place entirely too commercial (certainly not alone in that characteristic), but it did give me a chance to test-flight my new goggles.  So did their carousel on turbo speed, for that matter ;-)

Timeless Photography was a delight.  Timeless is advertised as an ice skating rink,and although there is a commercial element, it is obvious the sim is owned by photographers.  It is crammed with a gazillion props packed with loads of clever poses.  A must-visit winter sim if you are hoping to record some holiday snaps.

If you feel you simply must crawl into Santa's lap and get your photo taken, Christmas Around the World  is as good of a place as any.  I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by the sim, but it did have some lovely little atmospheric alpine chalets.
I was hell bent on doing some sledding so naturally hit up Wolf Mountain Ski Resort.  The Resort caters to the winter sports enthusiast with skiing, sledding, snowboarding and ice skating (all gear available for purchase or to borrow).  They also provide a a hot spring to soak in after you roll down the mountain, and lodges complete with roaring fires to lounge and defrost in.

I took myself further north to Christmas at the North Pole.  I finally discovered where all the toys are made (and picked up a few freebie Christmas decorations).  Feeling dangerously close to succumbing to a seizure, I decided to take in another spot of sledding and promptly drove myself into the icy lake.  Fortunately, Santa was on hand to fish me out.

Still needing a tree and a few bits and bobs I discovered Grinch and friends at Mikey's Tree Farm.  My kinda decorations!

Half frozen, bone weary and all cheerful-colored out, I slipped into Babbage Square to try to switch gears in preperation for the coming Dickens Festival. Who did I discover but the Urchin himself.  Goggle oriented minds will be thrilled to know that we should check with The Urchin after a week or so for goggles in additional finishes.  Wahoo!

After all that color and all those flashing lights, it was nice to rest for a moment in the subdued, wintery tones of Babbage.   Bring it on, Mr Scrooge!

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