Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bertie's Big Adventure

With temperatures dropping drastically outside my cozy digs, I chose to ignore my numbing toes and instead to embrace the season.   What better way than a toboggan trip?  All was going well until I reached the bottom of the run and nearly ran over Frosty the Pervy Tentacled Snowman and his band of mutated Egret-Owls.
Before I knew it, not only were they chasing me but they had caught up.
I played the tech card and TP'd out.  Little did I know, I had a stowaway.  Although his relatives were a bit alarming, the little guy was charming.  He informed me his name was Bertram and he would be pleased to stay with me for the time being.  What could I do but say yes and take a snap for my scrapbook?
Bertram was more than a little concerned that I have a pet Crocodile who has the run of the place.  He was also dismayed at the state of my home. Anyhow, we decided it was best if he stayed away from the floor and Curley's mouth until Curley got used to the idea that he wasn't allowed to eat owls.

Stop winking, Curley.
After meeting Curley it was time for Bertie to get some shut eye so I showed him to a guest bed.  He didn't really care for it.  Many glasses of water and a nightlight later, Bertie promised to go to sleep if I introduced him to Parrot the following day.

Hush, Bertie. All the water is gone! And I am going to have to get a chair tomorrow for bedtimes!

As promised, I took Bertie to Caity's house for a visit.  She wasn't home, but I had it on good authority we would find Parrot.
No, Bertie, neither of those tiny birds is Parrot!  Wait until you meet him!  You'll see what I mean!

And then Parrot appeared, to land proudly and majestically on his perch.  Not only did Parrot offer his friendship, but also his wisdom.  He made sure to tell Bertie I needed to get him lots of toys and all the other things he had asked for.

Parrot will be an interesting influence on Bertie, to be sure.  None the less, we managed to get through the visit without Bertie getting an answer about what 'Wine O'Clock' is.
Thanks for the tour, Parrot!  Your home is beautiful.  Say, "Hi" to Caity when she gets home!

Now Bertie, that was an awful lot of excitement for one huge little bird.  No, I still don't know if you are the type of bird that will be able to fly when you are grown. I'm really glad you like your new manly bed.  Of course Teddy Bears are more manly than night lights!  Naptime!

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