Monday, December 3, 2012

Camera Obscura

If you like taking photos and you like props, you may want to consider picking up this highly detailed antique camera from VexCorporation.   On marketplace, it says it does a lot of odd things, and it does come with two versions of the camera and a HUD, but I wasn't able to get any of those options to function.  That aside, the camera is a beautiful piece of kit.
My first stop was to Syzygy Nyx and the wonderful Fantasy Photographic Environment of Mr Elric Anatine.  It's a small exhibit but packed with imaginative detail. If you haven't been there yet, do yourself a favor and go!

Next on the itinerary was Caledon Llyr.   The Standing Stones beg to be lit in a nighttime setting with generous Windlight fiddling.

The Garden is another favorite amongst Second Lifers if photos on the Feed are anything to go by so I thought I should finally pay it a visit.  Grim Bros Raven tagged along and seemed to have drawn a following!  The Raven isn't on sale quite yet but don't let that stop you from checking out Cutea Benelli's shop. 

Elsewhere at The Garden I utilized Harlow Heslop's Seaweed Windlight setting:

Back at Syzygy Bryn Oh's Bluniverse helped set the mood outside of Elric's Apothocary.  The things he gets up to...alarming!

At  Syzygy Eos my Windlight setting of choice was ElysiumEilde Purple Dawn:

Finally, I stopped by my old home of over two years, Swan and used the Creamsicle Windlight.  You can always go home again, you just may no longer be able to rezz!  I thought *I* had been the practical joker out of the two of us residents!

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