Friday, December 21, 2012


Dryland, by Anita Witt, is billed in the Second Life Destination Guide as, "A giant dry lake bed, a parched and barren place where hulks of rusted ships rest on dried, cracked mud. A once desert island with decayed warehouses now holds art galleries, while the surrounding landscape hosts gypsies, carnies and tradespeople."

When you arrive, the sim does seem sun-beaten and well, hot.  Even with my viewer's time set to late afternoon, being surrounded by dunes, cracked mud flats and long shadows made for an authentic dead lake bed experience.
The sim was busy and fellow travelers were taking advantage of the many photogenic outcroppings, derelict boats and various props at the gypsy camp.   When the moon rose in the sky I experienced some relief from the blistering sun but it didn't last long.
  With the re-rising of the sun I threw on my explorer's hat and mask to try to secure a little protection against the searing heat.  I expect the squinting face in the outcrop wished it could have done the same.  After awhile bright light begins to do funny things to your vision and surroundings became both a little grainy and blurry.
I eventually collapsed into the rib of an old dinghy and waited for either the salt tablets to kick in or the tide to come back and float me away.

After some time my sunstroke addled mind remembered I was in a dead lake rather than a sea bed and I crawled out of the boat, following the scratchy marsh grass, which grew more and more densly as I neared the tiny, sweet oasis.  The perfect place to rinse the sand out of your crevices!
Beware, the sim was well attended, thus it wasn't unusual to have to wait your turn to be able to shoot in a particular spot, nor was it odd to pan out suddenly and realize there was another av or two a few meters away framing their own photos.  Nonetheless, it was a pleasant experience with a polite and photographically industrious crowd.  Enjoy!

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