Friday, December 21, 2012

Kittens Heaven

Congratulations to Isabelli Anatine for her sim, Kittens Heaven  being included in the Second Life Destination Guide.  The sim is described as, "a country sim that changes with the seasons. This winter at Kittens Heaven, you can ice skate, take a carriage tour, explore the nooks, even find hidden treasures in this sim. This place is family, photographer and blogger friendly, so get out and take some shots."

It must be said: Isabelli Anatine is a genius both with design and Windlight creation and application.  Once again, I am going to let the photos speak for themselves.  Set you Windlight settings to region default and enjoy!

Ohai, Kirby!

The strange arctic mushroom collection at Kittens Heaven:
*  The first two images in the series are not region default, but WL Silver Rose.  The rest are Kittens Heaven Happy Day.
* mesh skates and AO are from KH
*No avatar was molested, harmed or harassed in the taking of these photos other than a brief sojourn beneath the water when I fell through the ice

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