Wednesday, December 12, 2012

KittyCatS Advent Calender

I expected KittyCatS! & Friends Advent Calendar to be kitschy and cheesy and it is, to a degree.  Right after landing and availing of the daily Advent gift you enter the Christmas village and have the option of boarding the sleigh tour or wandering on foot.  As each of the chalets is also hoping to receive your vote, and some offer additional gifts, it might be better to travel by foot.  Plus, that way you get to see all the cute cats and whatever else you might discover along the way.

Of course KittyCatS has the obligatory ice rink and cider/cocoa stands that are found in many communal sims at this time of year.  There are a number of paths, but if you continue heading down the mountain you will eventually reach the ice rink.
The sim has several unexpected nooks and crannies for exploration and photographic opportunities. 

All in all, KittyCatS is a well put together and nicely landscaped sim.  Some of the benches do odd things to you when you try to sit, so if you like to punk your fellow travelers you might be able to get some memorable holiday snaps ;-)

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