Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pedophilia: Stupidity Level exceeds Available Measurements

I'm not going to copy and paste examples of the three ring circus going on in the Feeds over accusations of pedophilia.  The most I will say on that issue is I don't believe Storm Clarence to be a pedo.  A taunting pain in the ass and a golfer, yes, but not a pedophile. I know Pserendipity Daniels very well outside the arena of the Feeds and he is most certainly not a pedo or anything vaguely resembling one.

What I will say on the subject is: if you feel picked on and persecuted, why in God's Green Earth would you put your vulnerabilities on display in a public arena populated by your perceived bullies?  If you are a mother, are there many things that render you more vulnerable than your child?  Why, indeed, even EVER bring up the subject of having a real life child on the Feed?

If you are dumb enough to give your tormentors fodder, here is a pro tip: STOP GIVING THEM MORE.  Dragging more people into the cesspool doesn't protect your child, it only alerts even more people to the fact that you have one, his situation and how vulnerable and unable to protect him you are.  Somebody is getting something out of this dramatic little cluster f*ck, but it isn't safety for your kid.

If you aren't a new av, if you have a negative history with other residents of Second Life and you still haven't learned to guard your privacy, your stupidity level exceeds all available measurements.

By all means, file your abuse reports.  If you genuinely feel threatened, contact the authorities.  If a restraining order or prosecution is warranted, I'm sure it will be granted and all necessary lessons will be learned.  After all, with an accusation as serious as child molestation and stalking a minor, if nothing is done by SL or your local police department, it is probably time to stop shouting about it.

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  1. Yada yada yada. Blaming the victim. Old trick, won't fly, goodnight.