Friday, December 14, 2012

The Dickens Event

The Dickens Event kicks off Friday the 14th 2PM SLT with the opening segment of A Christmas Carol being read by Caledonia Skytower.  The event will last through December 27th.  Hosted by The Seanchai Library, full details of the reading calendar can be found here at Inara Pey's Living in the Modern World.
 The Victorian village is fully interactive with houses and shops to explore (or in my case, the chance to snoop through Scrooge's ledger and find out how tight he really was!), scenes from the story, staves available for download so you may read along with the storytellers, and even an Advent Hunt (look for the chestnut for your hint).  

Upstairs in the library there is also a collection of Dickens's work with convenient Wiki links to help you refresh your memory.
 While the opening reading conflicts with my SL+8 timezone, I do hope to catch at least one of the live performances. Lovely sim, lovely atmosphere, and a wonderful addition to anyone's holiday activities.
*Windlight Places Babbage
Clothing/goggles Loki Eliot

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