Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Making of a Waterwheel

I have a friend on the Feed who is a prolific poster.  He is one who is loved by some and despised by many.  He has scared away god only knows how many ESL'ers since the General Discussion Days of yore, as well as demolished the self confidence of countless dubiously gendered Vanity Threaders.  Pserendipity Daniels has a razor sharp tongue and likes to keep it honed.  He can often be heard bemoaning the lack of text on the feed and next to never 'loves' photos.

Why do I bring this up? In the last week Pep has liked two images I have produced.  I thought the first one was a mistake.  The second time around I asked him about it and this is what he told me, "I didn't have a clue what it was about either but it looked like Manet had a fit while painting some water lilies so I liked it."

And that, in a nutshell, is as good of an indicator as any as to what will and will not be liked, so you may as well please yourself!

I know why I set the photo as I did.  I live on the Irish coast and am no stranger to the sea, mist or waterwheels.  As we near the winter solstice, our days are cold and short and our light is weak. Once I had waded into the water, I unconsciously tweaked my Windlight settings until I achieved something reminiscent of a typical misty, stormy East Coast morning. 

I had just purchased the pose, and found the roundness of the wheel a perfect complement to the arched back.  I had to derez the better part of a sim to get the image I wanted but I am happy with the result.  Manet having a fit, indeed!

*WL Mavi Light 02 9:45 AM, east angle .25, gamma .5  Water Setting also edited but not recorded


  1. So THAT is what it was supposed to look like!

    Pep (thinks the Windlight settings on the feed are corrupted.)

  2. Actually, here it looks like Turner kept painting after he had had a flagon or two of cider too many.

    Pep (The model in the pic must have been throwing up in a peculiar fashion, too.)