Friday, December 7, 2012

Zem's House

In a world where we're limited only by our imagination, I'm always fascinated to see how others spend their prims.  Recently, I was offered the gracious invitation to visit The Parrot, and yesterday took Zem Aldrin up on his generous offer to explore his Little Corner of the Wilderness.

As many photos as you may be treated to in advance, you never really know what you're going to find upon arrival.  Who would have expected the first thing I'd see would be a flock of Bertie's cousins?!
Windlight: Phototools Breakwave Building Light

Based on the photos I'd seen on the Feed, I was already under the impression Zem spends some time building in some sort of sandbox.  I didn't realize he also had a waterfront view:
I loved the sand castle animation!  Windlight Sky Phototools Black and White 09 with enhanced gamma. Windlight Water Gallery

Being drawn to all things water, I couldn't resist a quick wade.  Ohai Zem!  I'm leaving only footprints, don't worry!
WL PT Breakwave Building Light.

While living high in the sky affords a sense of serenty, particularly at Zem's place with both soothing water falls and lush foliage, William Weaver's windlights can also help lend a sense of desolation:
WL PT Rara Fall Home with altered clouds

As I have a propensity for falling off things and either going for an accidental swim or flailing through the air, I maintained a degree of caution during my visit.
WL PT Jim Light 01

Thanks for allowing visitors, Zem!  I love what you've done with the place!
WL PT Jim Light 01

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