Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Burlesque vs. Steampunk

If you have even the faintest interest in either Steampunk or Burlesque, this is one HUNT you do not want to miss.  With 52 stores on the list, there is genuinely something for everyone.  The BVS Hunt runs until the 10th of September, but as it is a relatively short hunt, it'll take you longer to try on all of your prizes than it will to find them.

ISD Clockwork Goggles  and LN dress with Lolas Tango Appliers

Gear for both men and women is equally well represented.  The hunt has the usual  steampunk-y offerings of goggles and tophats, but they are especially nice! And with the burlesque flavor thrown into the mix you will find your share of bowlers, as well.

Although I spent a chunk of the afternoon opening boxes and tossing clothes about, I had so much fun fiddling with the ones I tried on (I have yet to meet a top hat that didn't need adjusting) that I have barely scratched the surface. Most of the offerings seem to come complete with shoes, several come with appliers for the ladies, and a fair amount include make ups and jewelry.

WCI Rose Cameo

I haven't worn everything yet but I have found all the photo props, furniture. poses, textures and buildings.  I wasn't disappointed, but I nearly took down the sandbox with Fantasia's Burlesque Club!

Gothic Creations Burlesque Music Box and La Croix Dance Hall Diva with appliers.

Gothic's Musing's Steampunk Lighthouse also made an (enormous) impression in the sandbox.

Les Sucreries de Fairy included a generous gift of textures in their signature prize.   They are pretty and the perfect backdrop to all your new goodies.  USC Textures and Ro!Act Designs are also participating stores.

D and G Fashions Sanguine Burlesque with Tango Appliers and Stitch's Creations Victorian Living Room Set

Pink Jello's Outfit and hat, and the super cool Gear and Pipe Chair from Sasha's Designs.  I'm not the best hunter on the grid but I am delighted I found both of these prizes.

SMOTD Aether Chair (with beautiful textures, I might add, and it also comes in another color), Cirque Noir hat, and Toxic High Shrug and Stockings

The hunt prizes are 1L a pop, but that will hardly break the bank.   Enjoy!

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