Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's Showcase

I have been watching the Tuesday parade of bare chests on the feed for months now, but have never felt any urge to participate.   Somehow, I can't quite get my head around galloping across the feed stark naked, even with more or less matched Lolas, even on Topless Tuesday.

Then, by chance, I won a pair of hooves from one of the Lucky Chairs at  Death Row Designs.  While hunting around Trident Jewelry I stumbled across  a wall of sheep masks, and the idea of following the herd was born.

Even some of the fellas, even those who eschew Wiener Wednesday, have bumbled onto the bandwagon. 

It was actually quite liberating to shrug off my cape.  Fortunately, no peeping Peps popped out of the underbrush while I was snapping my photos.
I suppose I shall have to break down and buy a pair of mesh hands now, as well.
Rusted Celtic Collar from the Fantasy Gatcha Fair.

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  1. This skimming, bumbled bandwangoneer appreciates you liberating yourself :) \o/