Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Veil of Darkness

Now that Halloween is soon upon us, the Veil of Darkness has descended over Calas Galadhon.  If I were somehow restricted to only being able to visit one Halloween sim in October, it would be this one.  By all means, use the region's default Windlight settings and enable your media to get the full experience.
Taking the raft tour is a must and if you are a photographer you may benefit from a couple of trips to catch as many of the clever additions as possible.  The creators of Veil of Darkness,Truck Meredith and Ty Tenk have tucked in so many bits of gore, horror and Halloween surprises that your head will be swiveling like the possessed girl from The Exorcist as you try to catch them all.
At Veil of Darkness you'll find the nearly obligatory zombie infested cemetery, skeletons and scavenger birds but my favorite part of the themed sim is the swamp, with its overgrown mangroves and creatures lurking above, below and beside you.
And despite the genius of the sim it isn't without its touches of whimsey, such as Mickey Mouse trapped in a spider web and the apparent answer to the decades old question of 'who killed Bambi'.
The arachnophobes aren't left out, either, especially those who love to test the limits of their fear.
Thankfully, Truck Meredith and Ty Tenk haven't cheesed out and gone with the holographic style ghoulies and goblins. Their creepies and crawlies are solid, enormous and will definitely get your full attention!

The Castle and the Pavilion are worth a visit for the views.  In the case of the castle, the views inside are as interesting as the views without.  Enjoy!

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